Quirimbas Archipelago


With Mozambique Yacht Safaris, you can book your place on board this awesome Catamaran to experience some of the best island hopping and fishing adventures in one of the most beautiful and sought-after destinations in the world.
Spread out on your floating hotel – our elite Maxim 400 Cat is so spacious that you will still find time alone at sunset. Choose from the main seating area inside, the cockpit area at the back or the front trampolines and Fly Bridge at the top.


Fishing season in the Ilhas Quirimbas runs from September to April; October to December is high season. But if you are hooked on going to St Lazarus Banks, you must get there for the Mantis Shrimp season from August until December. For when these crustaceans mate, the ocean is filled with hungry baitfish, followed by huge shoals of game fish. And that is what you want to catch!

When you join Mozambique Yacht Safaris, we take you to some excellent fishing spots, from our base at the legendary Ibo Island:

  • You may have heard of Ponta Diabo, the start of the Quirimbas Archipelago where fishermen ambush big game fish at a drop-off of 120 metres?
  • Pemba is brimming with fishing opportunities – Sailfish Bowl in the mouth of Pemba Bay is a huge underwater continental shelf where Sailfish like to swim.
  • Fishing around Medjumbe Private Island should introduce keen anglers to the big boys: Kingfish, Barracuda, Dorado, Queenfish, Serra, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna and Sailfish.
  • Not far away, Matemo Island is a great spot to fish for Kingfish, Great Barracuda, Yellowfin Tuna, Pompano, Jobfish, Dorado and Wahoo.


Charters on our Power Catamaran are accompanied by two 18ft PangaMarine motor boats, comprehensively geared up for fishing, carrying world class trolling, jigging and spinning or popping rods and reels. Try our range of new terminal tackle and lures. We do encourage anglers to bring their own gear if it brings them luck!

Start your epic adventure from Ibo Island. You can make the 8-hour journey to St Lazarus Banks to fish for a few days while the Maxim berths nearby. Feel your adrenalin pumping as you reel in huge silver Marlin, Dogtooth and Yellowfin tuna and Barracuda.


You will feel comfortable in the 3 comfy yacht cabins with their twin or double beds, separate bathrooms with showers and even a deck shower for rinsing off after glorious swims in the ocean. Choose Mozambique Yacht Safaris to discover the Quirimbas Archipelago and its more than 30 spectacular islands.

Combine your yacht safari with a few days at Ibo Island Lodge for a taste of luxury accommodation and service. Be sure to indulge in a beach excursion to a magical tidal sand bank that emerges only at low tide, ideal for romance or social fun. Or set off on a guided Historical and Cultural Island Tour where you meet and mingle with local Ibo people, see the ancient Portuguese ruins and hear stories of Arab merchants and pirates.

The Quirimbas islands have it all as far as sailing in luxury and fishing adventure activities go – pack your bags and sun cream and book your flights today.


Yacht Fleet options: Maxim 400 | Lagoon 450 | Open Ocean 750