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Diving at St Lazarus Banks

The ultimate diving adventure starts with Mozambique Yacht Safaris with an adventure into the legendary St Lazarus Banks. Using Ibo Island Lodge as your base, we take you to this extraordinary geological formation that rises from the deep Mozambique Channel and you stay there for days, diving to your heart’s content.

Bucket list tick off at Banco St Lazarus

On every diver’s bucket list is the Banco St Lazarus where the warm 28-degree ocean and the incredible visibility are only part of the perks. The main attraction of course is the healthy biodiversity, the mind-blowing range of marine species out there that you can see up close. If you go to the Banks during Mantis Shrimp mating season, from August through to December annually, you are sure to be gob-smacked. But you can go any time during the year and you will still feel as if you have entered a place out of this world.

Marine biodiversity and Island hopping adventures

Take your underwater camera to capture the movements of Green and Hawksbill turtles, Humpback dolphins and whales, Manta rays, sharks galore, Whale sharks, plenty of game fish and of course, all the stunning coral species that grow there. Take a breather from the underwater wonderland to explore the islands around you.

We can combine your diving safari with an unforgettable island-hopping adventure to isles that have barely seen the footprints of humankind. Watch wildlife at its wildest, swim the azure waves and lie in awe on white beaches where coconut palms sway.

5 to 10 day Charters with Mozambique Yacht Safaris

Divers often talk about St Lazarus Bank because it is not dived that often, a site for the more professional diver. You can schedule your dive charter for 5 to 10 days if you like, all diving equipment included. You can request island hopping and snorkelling on top of the underwater experiences and a night or two at Ibo Island Lodge is a value-added special too.

Set sail into the sinking sun, as the sky turns pink and find your way to a supper venue somewhere remote, on board your elite yacht.  This is your all-inclusive live aboard excursion into unchartered waters – the best Mozambique diving holiday imaginable. 

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Yacht Fleet options : Maxim 400 | Lagoon 450 | Open Ocean 750